The Messenian gulf in Peloponnese, Greece is dominated by the port of Koroni. Although not the largest city at present, it has served as one of the most important for centuries. It was proclaimed a natural “bridge” between the East and the West. Naturally, Koroni has its own Venetian fortress which is one of the few in Greece that is still inhabited. Camvillia Resort is the only 5 star hotel in the area and 7km off Koroni.

Vounaria in Messinia

There are as many as 197 (!) villages in Messinia and Vounaria is one of them. Vounaria is well known for its unique architecture and the flourishing craft of pottery. The visitor will find colourful houses with beautiful balconies and ceramic roofs in a scenic location. Vounaria village is known for the flourishing craft of pottery. You will find at least one sample of this multidimensional folklore art at the village, i.e. a traditional brick oven still smoking, built with love for pottery art and respect to the history and tradition of a land that used to make a decent living out of such a demanding activity. Koroni and Vounaria are just 8 minutes away by car.

Getting around Messinia

Messinia is an exciting destination for those who are interested in discovering historical monuments. Parts of Messinia are mentioned in Homers’ epic Odyssey. The ports of Koroni and Methoni used to be trading and cultural landmarks for centuries, as history unveils, they were occupied by the Francs, the Venetians, the Ottomans and even by the Knights of Malta.
Visit Ancient Messinia and discover, among others, the Ancient theatre of Messinia, the Ancient Stadium and the Gymnasium. It is also worth visiting Methoni and its Venetian Fortress and Bourtzi. The visitors can drive by themselves to Methoni, situated on the other side of the Peninsula, or they can arrange a trip with Camvillia Resort front desk.

Camvillia Resort, part of the hill

Camvillia Resort is a few minutes away from the impressive Evaggelistrias temple of Vounaria. The temple, built in meta-Byzantine rhythm protected by the Ministry of Culture, along with the Venetian Fortresses in Methoni and Koroni witness the long history of Messinia. Our resort is a 5-star boutique hotel that although it stands out from the village it does so in a friendly and respectful way to the natural surroundings and the Vounaria village.

The closest beach (200m) is Peroulia, famous for its golden sand and the colourful waters.